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Brushfire Software - Our Mission

To not only provide you with the best, ever-evolving software for ticketing and registrations in one solution, but to also incorporate a remarkable level of service to better serve every person that uses Brushfire at any level.

We are excited you are considering Brushfire for your event management needs. Seven years ago we began to implement the vision to provide a solution that could manage ticketed events of all kinds along with registration, products and more in one easy to use system. Through strategic partnerships and paying close attention to the feedback of our customers (within whom we have built great relationships) Brushfire has evolved into the functional, robust application it is today.

We honestly believe our software is second to none and will fit your needs more specifically than anything else you look at; but, it really isn't the reason we suggest you partner with us. Our strength is in our commitment. "Responsive", "Available", "Extremely Helpful"…these are what our customers love and appreciate about us.

We have made it easy to try us for even just one event. No extra fees - no long term agreements - and no risk. We will give you our best and you can decide from there.

At E-vent Software, we love what we do and we know that makes a difference in what you do. We strive to make sure we are always working with your goal in mind, and because of that we are blessed to share in the excitement and joy manifested through your events.

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We're here for you, let's partner together to make your event stand apart.
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