The right tools and the right people.
Customizable options and dependable services that work together for you.

Brushfire Features - Reporting
Real time reports allow you to stay up-to-date with the progress of your event. Receive daily emails with the information you want.

Brushfire Features - Venue Maps
Giving attendees the ability to pick the best seat in the house is sure to be appreciated. We'll design a custom venue map of your auditorium to allow just that.

Brushfire Features - Technology
All aspects of Brushfire are conveniently hosted inside secure, highly-available web applications; and of course, we are fully PCI Compliant.

Brushfire Features - Call Center
We offer a dedicated toll-free number with a customized prompt backed by a team of dedicated, Christian professionals that act on your behalf.

Brushfire Features - Product Storefront
We know you do more than host events, so Brushfire allows you to sell products and accept donations in addition to ticketing and registrations.

Brushfire Features - Fulfillment
Stuffing envelopes and taping boxes is time consuming. Let us be your muscle, and take care of your ticketing and product order fulfillment demands.

Brushfire Features - Customizable Forms
Customizing registration forms provides the best way to capture information that you can use. Brushfire makes collecting information a top priority.

Brushfire Features - Multi-Day Events
Every event is unique, and we know that. That's why Brushfire gives you the ability to create one event or a series of events that span across multiple days.

Brushfire Features - On-Site Scanning
Confirm every ticket, manage capacity and secure your event with our easy to use, highly functional scanning options.

Brushfire Features - Customer Management
Managing data is crucial. Brushfire was designed to allow you to collect valuable and usable information about each and every customer.

Brushfire Features - Design Services
We're committed to creative excellence. Brushfire offers design services to tackle any web, print, or promotional needs to make your event a success.

Brushfire Features - Box Office
Utilize our fast, functional point of sale system to manage your onsite transactions and reconcile your agents easily and efficiently.

Brushfire Features - Ticket Management
Dozens of things can change during a ticketed event, and we can help you manage all of them with a few mouse clicks.

Our customers appreciate the combination of unmatched features and service.
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